About Us

Our surety division provides a common sense and flexible approach to bond underwriting. Our underwriters are experienced and innovative. While traditional insurance is designed to compensate the insured party against unforeseen losses, a surety bond is an agreement that provides monetary compensation to a third party (obligee) if the insured party (principal) fails to perform specific acts within a stated period.

West Bend’s surety operation provides a reliable, fast, solutions-oriented, and financially-sound partner for our bond customers. Since 1971, West Bend has maintained an A (Excellent) or better rating by A.M. Best, an organization recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing insurers’ financial strength.

Our surety division works in partnership with our agents to service the bond needs of their customers. Working with an independent insurance agent who represents West Bend is the best way to evaluate the bond needs for any business.

West Bend agents can issue bonds quickly and easily through our online bond program, e-Surety. Accessible through WBConnect, e-Surety offers an immediate online response for a variety of bonds, including commercial and Rapid Bond, our small contractor bond program. This can be particularly important when handling urgent bond requests. Traditional contract bonds may also be obtained with this program.